Danny Mirror - I remember Elvis Presley
Tekst: Eddy Ouwens / Muziek: R. Dunhills, Eddy Ouwens en Dick Bakker

Last night I turned the radio on for the midnight news.
Suddenly I thought I’d died of a broken heart
when I heard the announcer say:
“Ladies and gentlemen, the King is dead.
Elvis Presley just died in a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
Forty-two years on this planet,
but he’ll be here forever”.

I remember Elvis Presley
And he won’t ever set me free
Like he was singing: ‘Now or never’
He’s just a golden memory

‘Good luck charm’ is not forever
Good luck songs, we need them ever
Again, again I’ll play your songs
’Cause, in my mind you haven’t gone

‘Are you lonesome, tonight
Do you miss him, tonight
Tell me dear
Are you lonesome tonight’

‘Wise men say: “Only fools rush in”
But I can’t help
Falling in love again’

Elvis Presley, I wanna thank you for all the happiness
you gave so many people all over the world
during many, many years.
Ha, I remember the disc-jockey was playing: ‘Jailhouse Rock’
when I had my first date with a beautiful girl.
And since that evening you’ve been my friend, Elvis!

I remember Elvis Presley
Lord, how I love to hear him sing
So, I’ll adore him just for ever
He’s just a golden memory

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