Kayak - Daphne
Tekst: Irene Linders / Muziek: Ton Scherpenzeel

Hope and fear
Left her colorless face without mirth
Sweet Daphne, the priestess of Old Mother Earth
Saw a stranger coming near

Full of pride
Still mighty Apollo desired
The God of all Arts gently playing his lyre
Needs a nymph to guard his night

Safe and sound
Daphne lived in the mountains, protecting the ground
A wild virgin girl
In a heavenly world
Breaking Apollo’s heart
Whatever happens, her goddess will ward

Chasing his love through the mountains and hills
Slave of a world full of passionate thrills
Dreaming of being embraced by her arms
Couldn’t resist all her magical charms
But meaning no harm

Please, don’t forsake me in hours of need
Fallen a victim to Apollo’s greed
Goddess of Earth, she cried so desperately
If I can’t escape, won’t you please let me be
A wild laurel tree

Ha ha ha, ha haha haha
Ha haha haha hahaha
Hahaha haha haha

Sacred tree
Oh to worship, to cherish and always be near thee
Your leaves will serve
To those with the urge
To give beauty to words

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