Kayak - Niniane
Tekst: Irene Linders / Muziek: Ton Scherpenzeel

You, my lady
You have saved me from solitude
My dreams never could

Come, then maybe
I will teach you my magic arts
The tale of the stars

I’ve chosen you, so listen to my song
Love has stronger wings than reason

My lady of the lake
Time has come for you to take my place
The voice’s fallen mute
The fire has died within me
I’ve lost the sight, but who will mind
If you’ll succeed me
The secrets remain
Locked in your mind forever
My future’s yours
Sweet lady of the lake

You betrayed me
Stole my power, I was misled
You took all I had

What posessed me
When I put all my trust in you
Could not see you through

Living on this isolated height
Deprived of love, but I’ll be alright

You’ve cast a spell on me
A tortured man, why won’t you set me free
I’m buried alive
Shut in this case of darkness
There’s no escape here from my grave
My skills can’t save me
The legend will grow
And I will withdraw forever
But down my cheeks
The melting sorrows flow

Feel the magic
See your visions and dream your dreams
You know what they mean

I’m your spirit
Just a word, just a breeze of air
I’ll always be there

Mmm, mm mm mm
Mmm, mm mm-mm-mm mmm mm mmm
Mm-mm-mm mm
Mmm, mm mm mm
Mmm, mm mm-mm-mm mmm mm mmm
Mm-mm-mm mm

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