Kayak - Starlight dancer
Tekst en muziek: Ton Scherpenzeel

The fight is over
The war is lost and I see
A lifeless soldier staring at me
Fear and despair drawing his face
Left in this godforsaken place
Who cares for the nameless, so far from home

Which way you’re going
There is no room for your pride
No fame, no glory, lay all aside
Life is a star, drowned in the day
More than a million miles away
From home, from the place where my heart belongs

I’ve been sailing the seas, travelling all the land
To chase the golden sword
All that time I held it here in my very hands
Till someone cut the cord

I ruled the oceans, taking ships in reverse
Having no peace of mind
Stealing all I could find
As I crossed the earth

I’ve had my residences all over space
Bridging lightyears each day
Only one dream away
From the cosmic stage
Starlight dancer

A live performance, so the whole world could see
I’m aligning the stars
Universal in art
See the god in me
Starlight dancer: that’s my destiny
Starlight dancer
Starlight dancer

Far from home, from the place where my heart belongs
Free at last, but I’ve never felt so alone

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