Kayak - Tintagel
Tekst: Irene Linders / Muziek: Ton Scherpenzeel

Tintagel Castle, stronghold of king and refugee
Untouched by battles, armour of rocks high above the sea

Silhouette sculptured by man and the winds
Impregnable fortress, where legend begins
Like a memory

Listen, I’ll tell you the plan that’s been made
Dreamed by the Gods, the dispensers of fate

Waiting for you, Tintagel night
Soon you will fall and in your darkness we’ll hide
We shall go when the time is right

Tintagel Castle, royal the love inside its walls
I am the Falcon, answering as the Dragon calls

Ruler of knights, let your wish be fulfilled
Follow the tides, feel no anguish or guilt
This was meant to be

It was my mission to open the gate
Guiding two ignorant servants of fate

Then you appeared, Tintagel morn’
Calm like the sea after a long raging storm
Waiting for the child to be born

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