Petra Berger - I’m coming home
Muziek: Jeroen Englebert en Pim Koopman

Hear my prayer
Is it Michael I hear
Are you there
I’m too young and I’m scared
Of what you seem to ask of me
I know thy will be done, eventually

Look at me
Hear my voice, heed my call
Come to me
So for once and for all
We will fight for liberty
My fate will be your mark, in history

I’ll lead the way
Our cause will tear them apart
Beat the drums, chant my name
Let faith enamour your hearts

And we will guide you
We’ll march beside you
Then I will drive them from our shores
Into the sea

One day they’ll try you
Shame, scorn and defy you
But as my guidance is divine
They cannot touch me, for now
That I’m in your hands
Protected at your command
My task was clear
I’ve nothing to fear

To Saint Margareth, Saint Catherine I pray
Now that I have been betrayed
Please, guide my way through these searing flames
I’m coming home

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