Nina & Frederik & Louis Armstrong - Formula for love
Muziek: Kjeld Bonfils

One, two
If you want the gyp that gypdee
You’ve got to prove that you can love me
And than she’ll need a gentle shove
That’s the formula for love, yeah

Move the mountains into the seas
Just plant the desert sand full of trees
And give her all the stars above
That’s the formula for love

To convince the guy you love when you propose
Maybe a mink will do, or just a rose

Compose a song that has a free kick
Produce a film, so Bayron looks sick
She’ll turn into a turtle dove
Oh, that’s the formula for love

But if you just do nothing at all
Yeah, she will be moonlight to the fall
She knows what you are thinking of
That’s the formula
That’s the formula
That’s the formula for love

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